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Sarah J. Maas: Officially Licensed Kingdom of Ash - 'On Their Own' Pre-Order

Hello everyone!

I know many are excited about these items and have sent me several questions regarding this sale, including information about shipping and Patreon. Here is a guide to the upcoming sale for the Kingdom of Ash - 'On Their Own' Pre-Order.

(view full pictures down below)

Product Information:

  • Wall Scroll: Fabric with removable wooden magnetic holders. Measures 30 x 120 cm (about 12 x 48 inches)
  • Bookmark set: Set of six (6) 2 x 8 inch bookmarks, printed matte heavy card stock with gold foiling finish on front. Each character design has the same full length illustration of 'On Their Own' on the back.
  • Postcard Set: Set of six (6) 5 x 7 postcards printed heavy card stock with soft touch finish.

Sale information:

)) Due to the limited quantities the license allows, bookmark / postcard sets will be sold as sets of 6, and not individually by characters.

)) The wall scrolls are being manufactured internationally, and may be subject to shipping delays (see shipping updates below)

)) The bookmarks and wall scroll are digital mockups, and do not reflect the finished product. If any design elements are changed from expectations, I will announce via email/DM and apply any refunds requested.

)) The reason that all three products are bundled under one is to assure that sales do not exceed the license's 300 QTY limit. The QTY will be evenly split between all three products and this makes it easy to move QTY numbers between the products during the sale to help with the demand. The stock numbers will fluctuate because of this. (for example, if the bookmarks sell out @ 100 QTY, and there are 99 QTY postcard sets available, I will move some QTY from postcards to bookmarks). If the 300 QTY limit is reached quickly, I will ask to extend the license. (though it may be a few days before I can renew and restock)

)) You're free to purchase multiple quantities of items and bundle them with other items in my shop. The 'OTP' coupon is applicable for FREE SHIPPING when you purchase 4 or more of any item in these sales or other shop items.

Shipping information:

)) Tentative ship date has been updated to accommodate (expected) shipping delays with the wall scrolls (and I kinda forgot that I'm moving houses late August 😖🙃). Shipping will now be be late September 2021 for the postcards & bookmark items, early October for wall scrolls.

)) Due to the nature of the items, the bookmarks/postcards and wall scroll will be shipped separately in a flat and tube respectively. You can add all three items to your cart and be charged the appropriate shipping for two packages in one checkout transaction.

Patreon Shipping Bundles:

Due to the timing, I was asked if these products could be bundled with the Patreon Free Bonus Goodies that are set to ship out late September 2021. This is possible as long as the total package weight is under 8 ounces (this includes up to 5 prints and packaging, plus what ever additional product you purchase from this sale).

The only caveat is some of these bundles will not fit in the custom packaging (PP) that was produced specifically for Patreons, and will instead be shipping in a generic rigid mailer (RM) to accommodate the total thickness of the prints. Wall Scrolls are not eligible for bundles as they are shipped in tubes. After collecting the weights from my various vendors, here is the menu of what qualifies for Patreon bundling if you were to purchase one QTY of these products:

  • Patreon Goodies + KOA Bookmarks + PP = Bundled
  • Patreon Goodies + KOA Postcards + RM = Bundled
  • Patreon Goodies + KOA Bookmarks + KOA Postcards + RM = Varied
  • Patreon Goodies + KOA Bookmarks + any 8.5" x 11 print + RM= Varied

Bundled: This means that these combinations are under the 8 ounce threshold and can be bundled with your Patreon Goodies! Hooray!

Varied: This means that these combinations are extremely close or just over to the 8oz threshold and can fluctuate depending on the type of prints you select for your Patreon Goodies. Bundling will be determined and refunded as items are fulfilled closer to shipping date.

Because this is too extreme in complexity for Shopify to automate, I will need to handle these bundles and refunds manually. If you qualify with the menu above and wish to bundle your pre-order purchase with your September 2021 shipment of Patreon Goodies, please pay for your pre-order shipping as normal and send me an email or DM with your order number and I will be happy to refund accordingly!