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Silver Shadows - Sorcery of Thorns Print (PRE-ORDER)
Silver Shadows - Sorcery of Thorns Print (PRE-ORDER)

Silver Shadows - Sorcery of Thorns Print (PRE-ORDER)

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PRE-ORDER: Prints expected to ship by or before March 6, 2023.

Standard and Limited Edition print of a papercraft artwork. All limited edition sizes are printed, numbered and signed by artist on fine art matte paper with archival ink. White bordered artwork is intentionally left uncropped to allow purchaser to have full flexibility with matte and framing.

This print was graciously given permission by the author to sell to you wonderful fans!


Silas' summoning scene was the capstone of this book for me. It was terrifying, sorrowful, and bittersweet for the trio to go through. Silas is my favorite character of the three, as a non-human character learning or questioning human feels is one of my favorite tropes, and this scene tested that with a ferocity.