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Countdown to Dusk - Gleam Print
Countdown to Dusk - Gleam Print
Countdown to Dusk - Gleam Print

Countdown to Dusk - Gleam Print

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Standard and Limited Edition print of a papercraft artwork. All limited edition sizes are printed, numbered and signed by artist on fine art matte paper with archival ink. White bordered artwork is intentionally left uncropped to allow purchaser to have full flexibility with matte and framing.

This print has been licensed from the author to sell to you wonderful fans!


Hello. Welcome to my new obsession.

If you've been following my stories for the past few weeks, you'll know that I've been raving over the Plated Prisoner series by @ravenkennedybooks . I'm coming out of a slight hangover from book three (Gleam - for which this illustration is a MAJOR SPOILER). I only say slight, because the book gave me so much art fodder, it will keep me satiated enough until Glow comes out next year.

Each book trumps the previous as my favorite. Please, I urge you to avoid reading below if you plan to read the series, it's so worth the first time experience. (Be sure to check content warnings!)


You know when you're cooking a nice steak and work so hard to tenderize, season and sizzle it to perfection - but have to wait those agonizing minutes for the meat to set, the juices to flow, all before you can take that first decadent bite?

That 👏 is 👏 this 👏 scene.👏

I've said this in one of my lives, but best thing I love about TPP series is how the world building has rules, and with those rules comes restrictions. It's my favorite thing to read how the characters (or plot) have to puzzle out how to get around those restrictions. This scene was so creative in how it used Auren's time limit for her powers to elevate the tension of this scene; the steak was JUICY.