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Goldhinch - Glint Print
Goldhinch - Glint Print
Goldhinch - Glint Print

Goldhinch - Glint Print

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Standard and Limited Edition print of a papercraft artwork. All limited edition sizes are printed, numbered and signed by artist on fine art matte paper with archival ink. White bordered artwork is intentionally left uncropped to allow purchaser to have full flexibility with matte and framing.

This print has been licensed from the author to sell to you wonderful fans!


Here we are with round 2 of this Plated Prisoner Papercraft train! This time inspired by the second book in the series, Glint! (by @ravenkennedybooks!)


Ahhh this was such a fun little vignette for the second book. I really enjoyed the banter between Rip and Auren - the story really took off with these two for me (though Gleam just wiped the floor with the first two books, omg).

So Auren doesn't have long hair like this in the books, but it was a nice embellishment for the bird swing. It also acts as a slight nod to the Rapunzel-esque situation Auren finds herself in; plucked from her 'tower' and rescued by a man covered in thorns. (HAH!) That's if you could define rescue as strong-arming her off of her perch that she's stubbornly clinging to. (hence, hinch)

I really love how I could render Auren's ribbons fully this time - subtly taking shape of a birds wings. So. Many. Symbolisms. Y'ALL. I can't with this series. I already had something in mind for the third book (previewed a while back with a MAJOR spoiler for Gleam). It's pretty likely this train will keep going.