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Play You For a Fool - Gild Print
Play You For a Fool - Gild Print
Play You For a Fool - Gild Print

Play You For a Fool - Gild Print

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Standard and Limited Edition print of a papercraft artwork. All limited edition sizes are printed, numbered and signed by artist on fine art matte paper with archival ink. White bordered artwork is intentionally left uncropped to allow purchaser to have full flexibility with matte and framing.

This print has been licensed from the author to sell to you wonderful fans!


Heyyy it's been a while since I've posted, heck even posted an original papercraft. Been SUPER busy designing papercraft kits and special papercraft projects since the beginning of the year! I've been holding onto this one for a bit, one we worked on a live a while back when I was gushing about the greedy pleasure that is The Plated Prisoner series by @ravenkennedybooks. It brought me out of my reading slump after having to put down ACOSF for a bit (20% in).

While Gild (book 1) had my curiousity, Glint (book 2) absolutely had my attention! They basically claimed an entire weekend, the world building and character designs were so addicting! I had papercraft designs ready for both books and had planned to release them together, but I probably won't finish the second one until the third book's release! *GRABBY HANDS*

Be sure to read the content warnings if you plan to dive into these!

Holy cripes this papercraft was such an endeavor with all the different glitter and metallic papers. The lighting for the final photograph was so critical to get right. I used 8 different types of gilded paper and a metallic vellum for the harp strings l. ✨🧡


I hope I didn't spoil this from the title alone, but I reaaaaally could smell the fools gold oozing from Midas' every word in book one. With Auren's affinity for the harp and her SUPER cool golden ribbons that run down her spine, how. HOW. Could I not make this allusion? Midas literally playing her. UGH

The second design for Glint is just as good, featuring my favorite egnima character, Rip. I hope to get to it soon!